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Vicki Pompea: Bio

Vicki is a Colorado native born in Colorado Springs. She balances family, friends, and her passion for music.  Her best known songs are "Real Woman" - a sassy, body-celebrating anthem and "That Kind of Old" - a tune for bold grown ups with no regrets.

Vicki is a fan of "Fearless Songwriting" - a private exercise of writing so quickly that you don't have time to censor yourself. It is a sure way to clean out dusty corners and invite fresh ideas to visit. Several "Fearless" songs have become real songs. Others stay as private, quirky gifts from the song goddess.

When she is not writing songs, practicing guitar, or singing, she is reading, laughing, or playing with her kiddos. She likes to collect funny tweets and memes, and admires Winston Churchill's relentless affection for afternoon naps.